Marisa Heath

Marisa authored The Future for Small Abattoirs report in 2020 and is co-chair of the Government Task Group on Small Abattoirs. She has a strong interest in supporting smaller scale farmers and local food production and started a Parliamentary inquiry into small abattoirs when she realised that the infrastructure needed to support smaller scale farms was disappearing.  Seeing the role of smaller producers during the COVID pandemic and working with livestock farmers in her role as Cabinet Member for Environment at Surrey County Council, made her recognise the huge value as land stewards and delivering high animal welfare many local farmers have.  Alongside the Sustainable Food Trust, she gathered evidence via oral sessions in the House of Lords and written evidence to compile a report outlining policy action needed from Government. Since the publication of that report she has played a key role in setting up an Abattoir Sector Group, getting Government to understand the importance of small abattoirs supporting small scale farmer including initiating a Government Task Group to troubleshoot the issues and speaking at numerous events to raise the profile of small abattoirs including Groundswell, Oxford Real Farming Conference and in Parliament.

The Future of Small Abattoirs Report