Supporting high welfare, locally produced food for a more sustainable future
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Sustainable, Local, Collaborative

The Abattoir Sector Group (ASG) was set up in late 2020 to provide a unified voice for the small and local  abattoir sector, including those under 5,000LSUs and under 1,000LSUs and to advise government on behalf of the industry.

Over the last few years, there has been a rapid rise in consumer awareness of sustainability and animal welfare issues, and demand for local, traceable and high welfare food has increased exponentially. There is also a rising wider need to address issues of climate change, biodiversity decline and environmental degradation. Smaller abattoirs are a critical part of this infrastructure of sustainable, local food supply chains. They are able to reduce environmental impacts in meat production through smaller-scale, less intensive and more diversified production systems, including organic, pasture-fed and native breed livestock. Alongside all of this, a network of thriving local abattoirs across the UK can lower the distances animals must travel to slaughter which both improves animal welfare and reduces food miles.

ASG members are well placed to support Government policy in delivering sound advice on ensuring a regulatory structure that protects human and animal welfare whilst not restricting growth and sustainability. You can read our aims and objectives here.

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