Abattoir User Survey Results: Abattoir closures are impacting farming and food businesses across the UK.

June 6, 2023 4:27 pm Published by

“A survey of more than 1,300 farming and food businesses across the UK has found that local abattoirs are a vital service, with 88% of respondents stating their closest abattoir is either essential or important to the success of their business, while 64% feel the availability, or lack of availability, of a local abattoir impacted their future business plans.

The survey, carried out by the Sustainable Food Trust and National Craft Butchers, highlighted the many benefits small and local abattoirs can bring, with respondents ranking animal welfare, the local economy and the environment as chief amongst these.

The survey found that the loss of small abattoirs, at a rate of 10% per year, according to the Food Standards Agency, has left abattoir customers reliant on only a handful of remaining operators, creating a fragile system that is vulnerable to collapse. Journey times have increased significantly, with some animals now travelling more than 200 miles to slaughter. Respondents also reported that many remaining smaller abattoirs are increasingly busy and difficult to book into. These factors have forced some businesses to close or limit their operations.”

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Abattoir closures impacting farming and food businesses across the UK, survey finds – Sustainable Food Trust

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Final_abattoir_users_survey_web.pdf (sustainablefoodtrust.org)


We would like to thank everyone that took the time to respond to the survey.

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